Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Update

Well a weeks worth of work and a weeks worth of painting.

This week saw the termiantors move closer to completion, I've started on one of the assault sqauds and will continue with them this week, hope to bring them closer to completion by firday.

I have 6 weeks left and have 2 assault squads a sniper squad, 2 dreadnaughts and 3 drop pods to work on.

I think if i keep the pace up I can get there, but time will tell. Ill know closer to the end of April so we shall see.

Anyway onto to the models, with the weathering of the raven ive taken some tips from the the brush brothers using windsor and newton latex art masking fluid to create rust and damage effects

The effects in my opinion have come up well anyway here are the pics

And then the terminators which Im really happy with the outcome!

Anyway tomorrow is game day and I'm sure the Sunday rant will be back!