Sunday, October 9, 2011


Well the say its been a long time would be an understatement.

Suffice to say end of financial year at work balanced by concerns of me having a job in the foreseeable future put a hold on motivation pretty much. Painting and gaming only really happened in small amounts balanced by finance and income concerns!

Anyway most that is now behind me.  My partner in crime though is still under a pile of text books and such and really wont expect to see him surface for a few more months.

That being the case things in the hobby scene are moving again Arcannacon 2012 is looming and Im hoping to return and have more fun at the event with a new army.

And that leads me to yes there is a new army on the way and of course its .........


now before there is that - oh here we go again grey knights yet again,  way back before the space wolves were an option grey knights aka deamonhunters was the planned codex of choice-  what happened was playability and availability to plastic kits for conversions.

Now though with the new range of kits out well i thought it was time to give the boys in grey a spin.

Ive begun working on a small 1200 point list that I hope to expand as the 2012 tournament scene progresses.  So Grey knights will be the theme for 2012.

The High elves are still there as well and ill be working on them as time goes on, storm of magic has opened up some options for interesting armies theme wise and ill post more on that as the time comes.

So here are some shots of WIPS for the grey knights;

Also i got a new display cabinet for some of my favorite miniatures as well as a small sample of the Napoleonic armies i have

Anyway hope to be blogging more in the coming days and weeks