Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Work In Progress Raven Lords Honour Guard

So its been 2 weeks since I last posted, which had to do with work and waiting for parts,  Im still waiting for my massive Forgeworld order, but in the interim received the character upgrade sets that they recently released for the space marines.  I have to say I and as usual very impressed with the Forgeworld offering.   Work also decided i needed to give it more attention and thus with that modeling has slowed down to a trickle.

I am though slowly working on things and the 1st of the Raven Lords Honour Guard is here as a WIP shot.  The Raven Lord the overall commander of the Raven company will be based on the new Huron Lufgt model with some obvious changes on my behalf but that little project will have to wait of course :P.

Anyway I have also revised the overall theme of the Chapter  and its background, its in its final draft and I will be subjecting my wife to it (the author and writer in the family) to go over it and give me feedback.  Im hoping to provide as well as text some graphics of some of the different companies markings as well work up some cool fluff graphics of the Haldor sector and key planets and what not.  Its all "slowly" getting there.  On top of that I'm working on the 1st High elves Seaguard regiment, and just because I'm crazy will begin to paint a few Napoleonic miniatures again if you want you can see that project on this blog which covers my Napoleonic obsession.

So lots going on, never enough time and the constant denial about being a megalomaniac!

Anyway he's about done give or take another evening so till then