Thursday, September 30, 2010

Looking for Samurai minis parts

Hi guys, just a quick one today. My bestest buddy (god curse him) has seeded me with an idea... one that is as foul as it is perfidious in the extreme. It will take what was already a large project and shove it up somewhere to the nth degree.

So what is this concept you ask? Samurai Skaven. A whole army of little rats done up to look like feudal Japanese warriors, Clanrats as Ashiguru Yari spearmen, Slaves as peasants and Stormvermin as elite Samurai infantry.

 go check out ,
So heres the crux of the matter, Im either looking at moulding some 220 odd mini helmets and associated parts or I could buy them from where ever is good and adapt them. If anyone out there in Hobby Land knows of good Samurai parts or has any ideas for goodness sake let me know!!!!! I implore you, Save my Sanity...

on a side note the Skaven Samurai project already has Girlfriend approval, even after I explained the work involved... Her answer was "Cool!"

*The armour shown in these photos was created by Canadian artist Jeff de Boer,the guy is a genius!