Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All the Glory to... The Forsaken!

Well its been a roller coaster of a time, Illness, Study, Work, Life, Turning 30 and some hobby! I must admit when I got into this addiction I had a clear plan. Build, paint and play a small Chaos Space Marine army. Well one thing lead to another and the CSM army got bigger... more units to add... different ways of playing and WHAM now im playing tournaments... wtf! But at least I had focus, yup I was doing the Astral Wolves and everything was done with the intent of doing them... but lo what dark shadow lies on the horizon? Its the bloody Blood Angels codex release. All my dreams of doing BA from when I was but 13 years old reading White Dwarf were coming back to smack me in the face.

 Let me know what you think of the freehand Chapter name!
So some time had passed and the work on my BA chapter moves ahead slowly. Most of the models I require for 1750 points have been assembled (most of the conversions, barring the Storm Raven) and now have a base coat of codex grey, mechrite red and iyanden darksun. So for intents and purposes most of the army is playable I guess, if you can call that playable. However as a special treat I decided to paint the honour guard first and to really make it special I wanted to paint up my Chapter Banner Bearer first!
Its not easy to make out but this guys name is Vulcan, The other Honour guard will all be named for Roman gods and the Librarian at this stage will be Jupiter.

As you can see he has really come up a treat, When I started doing the red/white quarter I wasnt sure how well it would work but im glad that it has.
I wanted to show off the scroll on the right shoulder, chiefly the "Water Mark" that I freehanded on. I may post a how to on this at some stage but in the meantime just drop comment if you want to know how!

So thats right im finding a steady state once again, The Asral Wolves are for the time finished, there will be a new Daemon Prince down the track but for all intents and purposes they are on hold. The Forsaken are growing at a slow rate and will never be a large army (I think) so I can breathe again... OH SHIT, There are hundreds of Skaven to paint now... *sob* When will this torment end!