Monday, September 13, 2010

The Raven Company

Well the weekend was a blast, stacking on the 1st day I was in the snow, and then spending the rest of the weekend with a good bottle of scotch the roaring log fire and my laptop to mull over back story and the list in general.

A few weeks back I spent some time working on a list that is basically not what the internet alludes to as competitive.  My Good friend is working on a jump pack army but I felt Drop Pods where far more fun.

So I sat down with the intention to create Raven Company of the Arctic Templars.  A drop pod orientated army thats main mission is most engagements is to hit hard and fast and break entrenched lines with the aide of the companies dreadnoughts, the company also has the highest  concentration of marines who belong to the brotherhood of the "Uhlfen" the berserk trance that the Halldor society (refer back story) warriors would enter into when engaged in combat.

To do this the Blood Angels list in my view is the best codex to reflect this company. In Apoc games i can obviously look to deploy both Wolf and Raven company together but for normal play I wanted to have two distinctive armies to mess around with but continue to build the character and depth of the chapter.

So the basic premises is drop pods, its the one restriction in play with the list everything in drop pods. So it excludes a whole range of elements but does leave open down the track Stormravens and potentially for Apoc Thunderhawk Gun ships.  I do envisage one day have for Apoc games enough assault craft to deploy both companies via drop pod Thunderhawk and Stormraven but thats a long way away.

So the list

The Company is lead by the Senior Chaplain of the Raven Company (insert name here) in Terminator armor.
He leads 5 members of the Uhlfen Guard (death company) in a drop pod.

then as follows:

10 Assault Marines 1x Thunderhammer 2x meltaguns in a drop pod

5 Assault Marines 1x meltagun 1x Powerfist, Drop Pod

5 Assault Marines 1x meltagun 1x Powerfist, Drop Pod

5 Sternguard Marines in a drop pod

2 Uhlfen Priests (Sanguinary Priests)

1 Death Oath Brother (Death Company Dreadnaught) in Drop pod

1 Iron Raven Brother (Furioso Dread) in a Drop Pod

1 Honored Raven (Dreadnaught with Autocannon upgrades) in Drop Pod

So for 1750 Points thats 8 Drop Pods 3 Dreadnoughts and a whole lot of fun

The Forgeworld Order has been sent off the models are on their way and with the momentum I've gained from the success of the modeling of Uhlfen Guard Im really looking forward to this project.

Im also due to my extended break reworking and filling out the corners of the back story thanks to the recent article on BOLs, so in the coming days ill throw that up as well.

Anyway back to the hobby desk