Thursday, September 9, 2010

Off to the Snow but one last post this week!

Heading up to the snow fields for a long weekend, yes Im over the sickness now for some snow and alcohol !

Anyway started work on the 4th marine of the squad of 5 I've had to order more bits as i miscalculated the last order so the last guy may not be completed in the short time but that being said they have taken on allot of character in the last week.

The key objective is movement I'm looking to tell a story with these guys, they are moving under-fire say from a drop pod or into the enemy as such the Uhlfen should as their berserk rage takes them over and i think im really getting that into the squad especially with the last guy who I'm working on the idea he's seen something to his right and is snapping off a few pistol rounds for good measure.

Anyway here are the pics and if there is any feedback please drop a line, as a note the last guys is far from finished but thats all I could get done before I left.

Till next week