Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are those new slacks?

I have been remiss, it seems near a week has gone by and no post since my birthday!

Well this is just a stop gap in the interim as I cant seem to find my camera, no doubt im getting forgetful in my retiring years. That or its underneath a pile of sprue on my massive two wall desk.

Anyway I'll snap some pics and update you all on my progress then, needless to say the Forsaken are growing with 20 assault marines assembled and base coated ready for the next stage of painting, a fulll bike squad waiting, honour guard ready for converting and a slew of other models to be done. Oh I am now also the proud owner of a venerble dread or two ;P

What else did I get... Oh yeah a new Daemon Prince and a Forgeworld Ork Warboss Biker (very nice models) as well as 97 little Rat Men aka. Skaven. Thanks Jp :D

So stay tuned, in the weeks to come I will be doing a Librarian Dreadnought conversion, Building and painting a Daemon, Building the Ork Warboss, Basing and basecoating the Skaven and perhaps if im feeling game attempting to learn how to use an Airbrush which I have on order and scratchbuilding a Stormraven... Its going to be a busy one!

Good Gaming