Saturday, September 4, 2010

Conversion Work and new Armies.

Today I first went out and got myself 2 Box sets of Island of Blood and drooled over the contents, ill post some pictures up in the coming days, but after that I decided to get cracking on the new Mk3 amour that arrived from forgeworld this week.

1st up as usual the moulds are truly excellent.  They are clean with very little flash and the detail is exquisite to say the least.

Looking at them in general,  they are fine as they are for the most part, but as is my nature I want something a little more. The lads are going to be either the death company or honor guard for the new army im working on so they need to a have some movement in them through the arms as well as change up what they are carrying.

In a previous post i discussed using grey knight nemsis force weapons as the power weapon of choice. I like the weapon in general for a Guard/ special unit option. It just screams elite/ relic to me.

Luckily I picked some up at mind games in melbourne cheap so with that and the mountain of bits  and new miniatures I went to work.

The key changes are of course the head, I like the plume look and feel with the helmet design used here it compliments and even improves the model.

I did this  buy using a dire avengers head and working with green stuff and pinning the add the element.

The next two major works are the arms. these had to be completely rebuilt to allow repositioning. shaving the weapon from the arm and then also separating the fore arm amour took time, it was then attached to a arm shoulder that angled out more with wire working through the shoulder fore arm and hand to pin all of it together.

All in all this took about 3 hours of work to achieve this look.  There is still all the little bits and pieces such as purity seals and what not to be worked on.

What chapter I paint for this new army though is a tough question,  with Badab coming out i was thinking one of the loyalist chapters and if anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

Also if anyone is interested ill take step by step photos for the next model so people can see how It was done in detail, leave your feedback.

Anyway good gaming