Monday, September 13, 2010

Forsaken Update

So its been a busy week with birthday celebrations and the what not but amidst all the chaos ive managed to slowly work the new army up to a near level of playability.

So I have managed to assemble and undercoat the 20 assault marines I need for this army, Most with the jump packs set aside as I have discovered that its much easier to paint the models themselves with them off.
Next up is the Sanguinary priests. The first one is a legion of the damned model hacked up to fit on the bike, the second is a pretty basic swap for the jump pack priest and the last is the sanguinary noviate who has undergone some radical changes to remodel the powerfist into an arm holding a bolt pistol. All of my sanguinary priests however feature the distinct Chaplin look as I think it a far more fitting feel to what are essentially the pinions of a whole army.

And last but not least is the Honour Guard squad, These guys will be accompanying a termi librarian in the stormraven when its built, along with a furioso  dreadnought. 

Anyway, I will post more comprehensibly at a later time but for now Uni and Work demand far too much of my time.

Good Gaming!