Friday, August 6, 2010

Work In Progress Update

Well after a two week hiatus on painting I've started working on some guys for Eastcon.  The list has changed up a little with the inclusion of another Rune Priest and toned down wolf guard and a vindicator (I've bought and made it just need to paint it!)

I also updated the squad leader figures with an idea I had been messing around with but did not have time to implement before kill count.

Aside from painting I've had a few games since the campaign game against some Tau and Sisters of Battle.  All in all hasn't been a good two weeks for the dice again, though I think thats a current theme for the month!
Beating the Tau Player though was a surprise but I feel that my scouts had something to do with it! Fighting the sisters of battle was the tough one but I don't play them often so I was not really across how to counter them nor what they can do.  That being said the game was close but he got me in the end with a Land raider that I just couldn't kill.

On top of all that as bonus time comes round I'm now trying to decide what army to do next and I have to 1st say it will be a Forgeworld army.  It will either be Death Korp Of Krieg or.....

And I have to say these guys are winning on the drool factor!