Sunday, August 1, 2010

Glorious Defeat!

Today Harley and I began a campaign to add something more to the game than just random games.

We played using sons of Taurus campaign.  The 1st mission was "decent of angels" from the battle mission book on page 68.

1st turn saw me coming on looking to stun immobilize as much as possible, and saw myself only able to nuke a squad of raptors.  Facing harley is always a challenge and you need an early success that gibs his finely tunes army. It was not to be.  He returned the favour by gibing a razorback, taking out a melta gun and stunning a predator.  The mission hurt my heavy weapons squad as I had to walk them on.  They really help in the open barrage usually and make a huge difference to the opposing force so seeing 3 of them taken out without firing in anger hurt as well.

My gut was telling me that this was going to be a bad afternoon for the dice again....

2nd turn

The dread that dropped in on turn one moved to eliminate the defiler which it did with little trouble,  remaining fire immobilized the two rhino's but with half my long fangs gone and the predator neutralized my fire from the base line was limited. The Vindicator did fire but was marginal helping in the immobilization of the rhino's.

Kharn attacks my dread and they met in a glorious fight of ancient vs traitor, kharn basically disarmed him but the force of the Aincents attack caused two wounds on him which he failed to save, turn 3 would see the inevitable destruction of the dread.

3rd turn

Reserves arrive. scouts come on and fail to do much to his vindicator, I spy an opportunity for my wolf guard and 2nd rune priest to attack.  But they fail to do the job on the chosen and in Harleys turn they get gibbed by demons and the chosen.  Kharn charges one of my rhino's and blows it up but takes in the crotch at the same time.

The predator dies to the berserkers and then things basically take a nose dive.

The remaining turns pretty much add insult to injury, there where a few chances to redeem myself but in the end this was pretty much all sowed up for harley.

So lessons.

Sigh I messed up deployment again, and gave away some easy points.  I let my advantage trickle out of my hands and gave a good player an opening that I really shouldn't do.  Given Harley's army and its fantastic synergy meant that he was able to capitalize on my mistakes and mute my strong elements.

In the end I have to give it to Harley he played very well, and I failed to deploy correctly.  Suffice to say I still smacked him around with the Kill points showing a reasonable parity till the last 3 turns.

Anyway onto the next game the grudge grows !