Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A rose by any other name.

Well its been a little quiet around these parts for a couple of weeks now, with sporadic posts, few game reports and what has been very little model painting done (procrastination thou art thine sinister foe) and all this due to the demands that full time study, part time work and full time goofing off...

But im not here to wail and moan, instead lets talk about the hobby! All this while ive been plotting, thinking and well... just musing on what to do about my newly forming codex Blood Angels force im creating. So far I know im going with a blood red and light grey quarter theme utilising the Templar symbols as a quasi Crusade knights templar based chapter... But what to name them... what fluff? what theme should I run through the army and how can I get the blighters to not die every time I play them.

Well first off the name. Now this can either be easy or hard, Sometimes you can look at an army/colour scheme and think "I'll call them the Arse Kickers of Steel Toe 9" and be done with it... in fact thats pretty good... Right well that was easy... Oh no wait I wanted theme or something...

So ive found myself looking at my list for inspiration, As a basic rundown im going with a fast strike force comprising of;
Bikes, Jump Infantry, Land Speeders, Winged Heroes and a Storm Raven in a pear tree.
So its blood angels and im not putting in bloody Death company... On top of this Ive been trying to think of ways I could get my new army to field on table with the Astral Wolves for 3k-4k games at apoc level, A feat which has been proving harder than I thought. So I backtracked my history, the Astral Wolves are founded by Huron Blackheart, who is the Tyrant of Badab. during that war he was allied with the Lamenters. Now the Lamenters were forgiven by the Emperor and paid penance in the form of a hundred years of crusading but were rumoured to have been wiped out to the last by hive fleet Kraken at the battle of Devlan.

Now here comes my part to this long story.

"The Lamenters were outcasts in the imperium long after they had been forgiven by the Emperor for their sins during the Badab war, in their quest for atonement they drove themselves to ever greater feats to prove to each other and to the galaxy that they were deserving. However at the battle of Devlan they were left for dead, no other chapter would come to their aid, battered and beaten they escaped from that death world from hive fleet Kraken on the badly damaged Strike Cruiser 'Tempest's Faith'. Since that day they have realised that the Emperor left them to die on Devlan, in their darkest hour they swore revenge on that false God, they have sworn to rid humanity of his curse and rise the empire of man back to its former glory. As such they have taken up the cross of a Holy Crusade and the colours of Blood and Purity. Blood for the mortal nature of man and Purity to rid the universe of the plague of the Emperor. In keeping with their roots they kept only the yellow helmets of the Lamenters and are now known only as ' The Forsaken'."

So its a work in progress and as of this moment the mad ramblings of a man sleep deprived but its a start! The Forsaken will be crusaders and in keeping with the purity of the Lamenters unable to field Death Company. At this time they are a ravaged chapter, unable to field heavy weapons like tanks and land raiders and will rely on speed to achieve thier goals. They have no homeworld but rely on their Priests to take the truth to the universe on convert the willing to the cause. In keeping with the Badab War and their unaffiliated status they will thusly be able to ally with Huron Blackheart who they now see as the oracle who forsaw the downfall of their once idol. They can strike anywhere at any time in the hopes of bringing the truth to the worlds the touch and have been known from time to time to join forces with renegade chapters to achieve their goals.

Currently the forces of The Forsaken will number only the 1st company (1750pts) and will be comprised of
Chapter Master (Reclusiarch on bike)
Bike squad (4 bikes, 1 sergeant, 1 attack bike)
Sanguinary Priest x2 (one on bike the other with Jump pack)
10 Assault Marines x2
Librarian in termi armour
Furiso Dreadnought
Honour Guard
Stormraven gunship

For a total of 37 models. From there I will build them up to 2500pts later down the track, maybe with another Storm raven (which I have something very individual planned for, more on that later)
If this army works well on the table I will be surprised but heres hoping :P

Until Next time,
Good Gaming!