Friday, August 27, 2010

The Joys of Diecast

Well let me just start and say Diecast miniatures are some of the loveliest models about, so much wonderful detail. So it should come as no surprise to you then to know that I'm planning on using a few of these to supplement the plastic kits im using for my new army "The Forsaken".

However as wonderful as they are it can be a love/hate relationship. Diecast when its already the way you want it great... but god help you when you want convert the blasterd things... an hour later, much stuffing around and a nice gash in my right thumb and here you can see the fruits of my labour.

Now my problem was a distinct shortage of "Beakie" helmets. As the first Assault marine squad is going to be visually identifiable by those helmets I found myself having to keep the metal one off this mini. Now i have spoken before on the power a hand tool like a Dremal can be and I tell thee that without it I wouldnt have even attempted this. In addition I used whats known as a razor saw (the culprit for my wounded thumb) as well as a X-acto knife and what ever else came to hand at the time.

As with a lot of my pics this is high res, so click away if you want a closer look... and yes that guy on the far right now has the Diecast head!
Anyway the first squad has for the most part got its base colours down, everyone is now assembled (bar a few jump packs left off for ease of painting) and I shall soon have these guys up to scratch painting wise, in the mean time here is a WIP shot of the squad to date!

Good Gaming!