Sunday, August 8, 2010

A few Proxy Games to test out the Blood Angels

So today was a Proxy game to mess around with the Blood Angels Codex, Harley and I decided to take two very different Lists from the same codex.  I went with a mechanized force comprising of Death Company, 2 assault marines in razorback with a Vindicator and a Baal Predator as well as some Sanguinary Guard, backed up with a Reclusiarch and a Librarian.

Harley took a host of Jump Packs and some Landspeeders.

The 1st Game saw me take an aggressive stance while Harley looked reserve most of his forces.  With fast moving units I took the central position and dug in.  I pretty much owned from there on it, picking his forces apart in detail.

2nd Game with some advice from myself he changed his list up to include bikers and attack bikes.

This game was significantly closer with him winning out very closely by one objective.

Suffice to say I really like the Mech Blood Angels, and Im considering them for the 2nd Strike force for 1st company.  Fast Vindicators and Baal Predators are fantastic, Sanguinary Priests are nice, with the FNP bubble and Death Company Im iffy about hard to control once they are out. So with some consideration on what I like to play with in general here is the current planned list for the 2nd strike force.

The Current List Im messing around with Is as follows for 1750


With Blood Lance and Smite

Honour Guard
Blood Champion, Sanguinary Novitiate, 3 Honour Guard with 1 storm shield, 1 ThunderHammer and 2 Power weapons in a Razorback with Las/Plas Upgrade and Dozer Blade


Sanguinary Priest with Power Weapon

Furioso Dreadnaught with Blood Talons, Meltagun and Heavy Flamer Drop Pod

10 Assault Marines, with Powerweapon, Storm Shield Meltagun, Meltagun in a Rhino

5 Assault Marine, with Powerweapon, Storm Shield Meltagun, in a Razroback with Las/Plas Upgrade

8 Assault Marine with Powerweapon, Storm Shield Meltagun, in a Rhino

Fast Attack

Baal Predator Flamestorm Cannon and Heavy Bolters

2 Attack Bikes with Multi Melta's

Heavy Support 

Vindicator with Siege Shield

Modeling Plans 

Honor Guard 

Two things to drive consistency with the over army scheme will be the Plumes on the Blade Masters in the 1st strike force as above.

Plan is to use the Crusade Armor variants from Forge world as above with Plumes combined with Grey Knight Nemesis Force Weapons as the Power Weapon options,  to be consistent the Thunder Hammer will need to be as similar but I haven't sourced that yet.  One thing is that the backpack will change to the more modern variant.

The Sanguinary Novitiate and Sanguinary Priest are going to look more like apothecaries when I'm done with them, representing the Priests of the Uhlfen Temple.

Assault Marines

At this stage the I'm liking the look of the new Mk4 Armour from Forgeworld but with them releasing something about every 2 weeks around the older Armor variants ill Hold on the final call.

One is for Certain is that the Sergeants will get the Nemesis force weapons and Storm Shields from Scibor Miniatures using the celtic shield as the option, they at 18mm in size so they wont overtake the model. 


Well its a Furioso but Im going to look at more from a perspective of A warrior fulfilling his Oath of Glorious Death on the battle Field so Im going to use the Chaplain Dread from Forge World, as a contrast to the 1st Strike force Dread which is more a revered Commander Im thinking the fluff will be a hero of the chapter who took oaths of revenge against the renegades who killed him.  Im thinking  Lord Haldor returns to revenge his death. 

So that will be the 40k project for post september. 

It was always my plan to have an apocalypse force made of two codex's and i think the wolf and angels codex compliment each other. granted both armies are Mechanized but as a whole company the 1st army represents the new Initiates into the company those who have not mastered the way of the Uhlfen, thus only the sergeants have the ability to generate allot of attacks and represent something of what the older more experienced 2nd Strike Force represent.  That force also gets the Companies Improved Vehicles to achieve their desire to meet in hand to hand combat.  So while one pat of the army would strike forth seeking combat the other element support with sustained fire and the ability to react to other events on the battle field. 

Seeing as the 1st Force of 1750 is nearly finished the 2nd Force will be the focus soon enough.