Monday, August 23, 2010

Thats just too Bad...ab

Wow, its about time Games Workshop or at they very least their affiliate Forgeworld took the time to finally cover in detail what I feel is the best fluff in the 40K universe. Now some people claim Horus Heresy as the bomb, others like Vraks ( heres looking at you Sons of Taurus :p ) but in my opinion its the Badab war that holds the most grip for me. Its new, its gritty, its Space Marine vs Space Marine, its the birth of one of the most bad ass chaos villains and its realistic. A planetary system doesn't want to Tithe to the yoke of an oppressive yet unsupportive distant overlord empire, as a result the empire launches and investigation and they fight back.(just as an aside, has anyone stopped to ask what the hell exactly is "Gene Seed"... last time i checked the only "Seed" I know of that contains Genes isnt exactly something im rushing out to aquire...)

Now I think my modelling reflects my attitude towards Heroes, Anti-Heroes and Villains, and let it be noted for the record that if anything has a real dark villain, then god help me thats what i want to do... I had a wonderful child hood, i wasnt beaten much (except for caning Tuesday's) and well quite frankly was a happy go lucky child who has always rooted for the bad guy. Its a video game, im playing the bad guy, board game the same... reading a book I want the bad guy to win or at least get even. So I founded the Astral Wolves to slate my thirst for evil doers, A chapter founded by Huron Blackheart. Now I find myself doing an ex Lamentars chapter who are still siding with the bad guys (loosely, its complicated) who are affiliated with Huron Blackheart... a week later they release the news about IA:9 and a pretty picture of Lufgt Huron. Obviously they have been monitoring my weekly spend and have decided that I personally have not bought enough models...

Lastly its my birthday next week, im turning the big 30... so what are you getting me HUH! but in all seriousness the blog may or may not get some new model pics before but certainly after as I know im getting at least 3 kickarse models... YAY!

Until then,

Good Gaming