Monday, November 8, 2010

The Lord Cardigans of our times

You know that guy, when your playing on a team in any game, he's the hero, he has to be up and front in the fight slaying the enemy. Problem is because he's not following the script the rest of the team is suffering and dying.

And even after you have lost, he stands there and covers himself in glory with the kills he got or that character he took down.

How do you deal with those types?

In my spare time I play a few online games, notably Company of Hero's and a couple of the mods thernin.  Europe in Ruins being the main one.

In that you play in teams, and noticeably there are those hero's who go out and get there and cover themselves in glory and not follow the script, doesn't play the team game and while his star may shine brightly the rest have to die just to allow him to achieve that.

And recently Ive come across a few of them. 

I also have seen it in some of the multi-player games I've played.  Hes the guy with the Curassier division just itching to be Murat, or Ney and save the day, only problem is if he just stuck to the plan the result would be more favorable to all those involved.

So what do you do, at times thier reckless brilliance is just what you need but then again mostly it is
"C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre."(It is magnificent, but it is not war.)

So I'm Interested have you ever come across those types, how do you manage them and use them, and stop them from destroying the whole game plan.