Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Frag Cannon !

So ever since i was sold on the idea of a Dread with a Frag Cannon ive been messing around with a few ideas in my head on how to represent yet another model that GW does not make.


Any way I started off with the idea of a barrel gun similar to a shot gun, Harley posited the idea which he is running with of a two barrel gun idea.  Then a few days ago I was dragging my wife through the New Realm of Legends store, (We went out to lunch at a nice cafe after wards I promise) i saw this pedestal base that was made to look like a rotating cylinder of a Revolver.

So then started looking at different types of weapons from machine guns all the way up to Grenade Launchers that all used a a Drum Magazine, the revolver cylinder being the inspiration for this.

Then I found the M32 Grenade Launcher and I was sold.

So set to work creating the parts for a similar weapon for my dread.

Grabbing the plasma cannon gun and cutting it down I then with the aide of several styrene tubes and plastic from the evergreen range of plastics built a drum magazine for the Frag Shells to be loaded into.

Filling in the holes with the round nubby bits from sprue and using styrene Truss from "plastruct" I built my gun as you can see from below.

The key things from this build is getting the legngth of the seven barrels right so they all match up.  I compensated for this by using the "evergreen" strips to bind the barrels and then used .05mm plastic sheet on one side to close out the magazine on the mount facing side.

The other key part was to pack out the Plasma Cannon Barrel and start to make it look less like an energy coil.  This I achieved by again plastic strips that are just layered over it.

TBH as a scratch build I really happy with the outcome. It could be more accurate in build and I may do it again to improve the weapon but then again I may not Cheers