Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Beatings will continue until Morale improves...

So its been a long time coming, finally the Astral Wolves have a new unit to add to what is a a pretty solid army so far. Before I unveil the first of 5 new models I would like to give you a little back story as to what I had originally planned.
The Astral Wolves was at first intended to be a purely Chaos undivided force, with no special marks of the 4 Chaos gods amongst them... Hell my first idea was to do Black Legion... then I thought why not a sub division of the Black Legion... then I thought why dont i just paint an army of smurfs and cry if someone bags Calgar. At this same time my hobby partner and best friend was starting a Space wolf army and having read the fluff about the wolf of fenris I thought to myself  "Lets stick it to the Space Wolf fan boys who ever they may be!" and thus was born the Astral Wolves, a pirate chapter founded by the red corsairs from the traitors of the Wolf of Fenris. 

Somewhere along this path I decided to represent every dark power in my army... then came the call of Khorne, Oh what a powerful call that was, Suddenly I find myself planning a Khornate army. The whole time however JP kept saying to me "do Nurgle, do plague marines" 
Well just recently I found myself having to put together a 1200 pt list for Arcanacon, and lo the Khornate theme just wasnt working out so well for me.... I needed some extra firepower and some survivable yet cheap troops to field midrange. And so here we find the latest edition to an ever growing force, The first of a unit of 5 plague marines!
The photo does this model no justice, nor does it do the green justice... which for your information is a base coat of Vallejo 'Tail light green' with a heavy dry brush of GW "rotting flesh" and a medium wash of GW Thraka Green over the top!
Like the rest of the army, black, red and gold have been kept as the primary theme, however Green is major feature of all these guys, as red is he major theme of the Khorne Berzerkers and black is the theme for the CSM squad. And now I find myself wanting to return to my original idea, perhaps a unit of 1k sons and the raptors im thinking will be upgraded to pink slannesh fiends! 

In other news "A fair drubbing was handed down" as JP would put it on Friday. PapaJJ said it best when he said my run of bad luck was at an end, Truer words could not have been spoken my friend! Friday saw the Astral Wolves tear through an unprepared Raven Wing of the Uhlfen Templars! They shall not underestimate the power of the Dark Gods again!
Ready for drop pods... and totally not hiding at all but bravely standing behind some stuff!

Gajme 1 saw me tear into them with glee abandon, making impossible dice odds to rip them a new one, Game 2 was a little closer with JP's Rifleman Dread being full of win... seriously! I suggested this setup to him a while ago and now he is running with it, even though im afraid it will make mince out of my rhinos but what the hell, if he can make one snotty uptight pretentious bastards day a living hell with it (and not me you smarmy...) then I will be a happy man!
this was the lay of the board at the start of my turn... no prizes for guessing what the vindicator did... and well...!

Game 3... well I thought JP had a good start and he was just getting the hang of his pod deployment but pure fatigue and apathy took the day to a forfeit victory... no skulls from a forfeit... Khorne was not pleased!
Lukas and the Blood Frenzied (Kharn  and Zerkers) are forced to walk, what you cant see however is a couple of squads of assault marines nearby who got to taste chaos steel!
All of our recent games I might add have been played at the new store in Melbourne "Realm of Legends" and I cant stress enough that if your in melbourne and not playing here either you cant get there or your afraid of meeting people... oh wait we play 40k and paint for fun... allright you can be a little scared but get on down there for game! And if your there on Fridays (maybe sunday this week) then perhaps you can meet ME! oh and JP... Hell I would love the chance to play some of the armys I see on the blogosphere!

And in other news, it would happen that good luck runs in packs, with a fantastic offer from my University to study Engineering: Mechatronics as of next year!  With my upcoming trip to the land of the rising sun less the 2 weeks away I must say im a happy boy indeed!

As always good gaming,

Von Drakin