Sunday, October 31, 2010

How the Holy handgrenade of Antioch went off in my living room....... or more like I needed to clean the damn place up.

So with all the drama and model making and what note the house slowly descended in chaos, and none more so than the area I spend time working on models.

To keep with the Monty Python theme from last post it had looked like the Holy Hand-grenade of Antioch had been set off in the house. So I resolved to tidy up the area and organize a little.

Recently Harley had been at Bunnings the local mega hardware store chain down here and found some nifty storage units, so with determination and sound of my Wife telling me off if I didn't sort the mess out soon, I purchased a unit to begin the tidy up of the bits of arms guns and what not and get some order back into my working area.

I must say its worked out well, and now the step is as I hunt through a sprue I will clip all the bits off and sort them into these trays.  I plan to get a 2nd on for terrain bits, modeling equipment  and what not but this has been a very fruitful start to organizing my space.

So with the tidy space and a happy wife I then returned to the ongoing project so here are a few more WIP shots of models being worked on.

Anyway that's about it for the weekend. But Id be interested in what others do to keep the bitz at bay and organize their workspace.