Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reclaiming the wasteland.

So here I am... minding my own business when the school year just comes to a stop. Not one of those fancy I've got brakes stops, no sir. But a good old fashioned I just hit a Mercedes stops... sudden and you know the other guy's car is going to cost you... a lot.

So there I was, when a shining beacon shone out at me. A chance to hobby unimpeded, YAY! but oh wait what fair daemon stands there before me? Why its the latest Fallout game... New Vegas thy name is Legion.

So in short no hobby has been done. Thanks to circumstance no games have been played (on the table that is) and here I stand a week later, shaky at the knees having finished Fallout: New Vegas. In case your wondering Fallout is good... Its really good. Just dont plan anything with your life until the experience has had time to finish.

In other news I have signed up to play at one of the premier tournaments in Melbourne, Arcanacon. Regretfully my friend had to sign me up and didn't do so until 8 minutes had passed from the sign up opening time. So im currently player 169 out of 140 spots to play. I can only hope that people drop out like flies because I didnt get to play last year either.