Saturday, November 20, 2010

Games night at the new Realm of Legends Store

Well Today's update is a a few Shots of  some games we played at the New Realm of Legends Store out in Croydon.  It has to be the 1st truly well thought out Local Friendly Game store in Victoria. 
the Guys out there have made a really great start to the new store the terrain is really great with what seems to be more on the way.  You can get all the great product lines for conversion work from Maxmini to Scibor Minatures as well as MicroArt Studios. 
The Idea of a One stop shop for gamers Is really evident and so far represent a great success, I cant recommend it more and though its about 30 minutes from home I'm defiantly going to make the effort most Fridays to go down and have a game.
Anyway till next time cheers JP

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