Sunday, November 28, 2010


Last Friday was the next night in the pursuit of a regular gaming night down at realm of legends.  And lets just sat it wasn't the finest hour for the Templar's. 

Having finished the largest part of the build for the 2nd company I took them for a spin, and the results where not as great as I had hoped.  I didnt expect to win, unfamiliar list, unfamiliar codex, new USR's to take into consideration etc, but the 1st game was a drubbing of epic proportions, the 2nd was closer but still hurt allot. There was the beginnings of a third game but i packed it in when a wave of tiredness and frustration took me over. Here are some shots of the 1st game we played.

Again the quality and standard of the terrain was fantastic.

So lessons.  If you want to feel out  of your depth and up shit creek without a paddle switch from the holy goodness of the mech drug and go full drop pods.  Its like learning to swim.  Two things I didnt do was build my list like I have in the past.

On a tactics post from BOL's a few months back Fritz posted up a matrix system for assesing lists and approaches to list building

here is the link:

When i got home and was thinking over allot of the new rules and pit falls I experienced I realised I had discounted allot of what I had done to make the space wolves mech list such a solid performer.

So I sat back down and went through each unit and began to assess the effectiveness of each one and needs of the style of play I have started to explore.

Its easy enough to sit in tanks move around and rely on heavy guns to do your long range heavy lifting but when you deliberately remove tanks from your own army you need other options.

Riflemen dreads are a real plus and I will be getting two, should of remembered the rule of 2 in all this got redundancies for certain roles, but basically 4 strength 7 48inch attacks with re-rolls is brilliant especially on a platform that move shoot all the time.

Stern-guard where disappointing but I failed to kit them correctly for the style of play I was after.

The assault squads where lack luster but again I used them wrong and was far to aggressive or far to passive.

Changes on the way.  Terminators,  with no Mech I need an elite unit that will punch through walls and can stand a range of fire. So I'm working on a squad of 5 to begin with, with a view to take them to a squad of ten that I can combat squad off. 

The stern guard I think I'm going to change to Honor Guard. Still use them as a fire base unit but equip them with plasma and bolters. The in built sang priest also helps as I can distribute the other 3 elsewhere. It will also open a force org slot for a Furioso.

These games where 1200 point games, and next week the Space Wolves will come out for one  game as a prep game for Arc. After that Ill continue to work on this little chestnut of a drop pod army.  I have realised though that the theme needs to be more orbital assault rather than pure drop pods as it narrows the field far to much.

Deep striking land raiders might be going to far with that idea, but storm ravens and deep striking terminators is defiantly in. 

Anyway till next time cheers