Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Excitement! Adventure! Thrills! oh and rolling some dice...

So I have been awefully remiss again of late, leaving you the fine reader with nothing anew to read. Let me just say that in my defence not only has it been a busy time of year (which I think we all know too well) but I have in all honesty been incredibly lazy, thats right you read it here first! I have been slacking off!

As some of you may know and the rest of you will soon know I am a full time uni student who works part time. Painting and blogging were great procrastination tools for skipping study, but alas like a train wreck the school year has come to a close, work has not ramped up and I found myself procrastinating from the hobby.

However I have found my groove once again and have started to paint/model and play once again with a furious fervour. So I have found myself workign on projects that have sat still for far too long. Oh by the way, Papa JJ your Astral Wolf is constructed, and base coated ready for stage 2. I have decided to give you a model that perhaps you can take to those Kill Team games with a proud smile and say "I was given this by an Australian" or at the very least not openly crying while saying "I had this thrust upon me by... *sniff* an Australian"... wait what? Never mind.

So as you can see The Honour Guard are starting to take shape, the dread is at least assembled for the most part, the Land speeder finally has a crew and the depths of my madness have not slipped too far...yet.

In other news I would like to say that the Laws of Probability are a harsh mistress. For the last few weeks I have had a curse upon my brow, a curse of the shitty dice rolls. Hell you want to see a lot of 1's rolled on the table? come and watch me throw 2+ saves sometime! In all seriousness the dice rolls were actually skewed to the negative of about 3 to 4 standard deviations of the Bell model curve. Lets just say I actually have a greater chance of winning the lottery 2 times in a row with the exact same numbers picked than repeating the last four weeks of dice rolling.

So if you read the Arctic Templars blog and noticed some Astral Wolves lurking in the photos, be rest assured that they were mine, and suffer they did greatly at my hand. To cite example, in one game to the loss of nearly a whole 2000pt army I had managed to kill 1 drop pod and 3 long fangs. Que sera, sera.

But fret not avid readers for the universe is going to end, eventually. Everything will balance out and we will suffer the heat death (where the entire universe has the same tempreture and density everywhere allowing for no chemical exchanges and thus no transfer of energy) and in the same way that the universe will balance out so does luck. Just recently I tried to enter a premier event known as Arcanacon, which in Melbourne is one of the single best weekend tournaments about (or so I have been told). This event has been running for a very long time and was my first eye opener back in the dark and forgotton time forever known as the Happy pants incident or to some the 90's. Well to cut a long story short, event unfolded where it was looking like I wasnt going to get in again except for a new device the organisers but insitu to fair the playing field for the reserves some 80 to 100 places away from getting in. A ballot of 10 registered playing spots was held and 10 names drawn at random from a barrel. Wouldnt you know it but I got drawn, the equivalant of rolling 11+ on 2D6. or passing a leadership test at LD3!

P.s JRV your offer sounds very interesting! drop me a line at bobgill13@hotmail.com and we can chat!

So anyway I have the next 4 days off, so im going to go make a big jug of Margarita's and sleep in the sun :P

Until next time,
Good Gaming!