Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Beatings Have Improved Moral ! Thank-you

Yes the moral has improved!

As usual the regular weekend games ensued against my wascal wabbit of an opponent the Astral Wolves and their Imperial Thralls the Foresaken.

2nd Company suited up for another 1200 point game this time against the Foresaken, a jump/bike army that scared me allot with its pure amount of nastiness.

That being said 2nd Company has been on a soul searching bender since last weeks disastrous entry into the operational zone.  So as I continued to work on the basic army structure of 1200 points and base for the rest of the army, I called on the internetz and my own gut to flesh out what I needed to do.

My last post indicated that I was going to go down the terminator route and that i did but not tactical terminators but assault terminators. I will do tactical terminators for lager games be thinks, but the real gap I saw from last week was the real lack of any significant punch or as Harley would put it the FU (F**K You) factor.

So a couple of changes ensued.  The honour Guard/Sternguard have been reserved for larger game sizes, the Furioso Dread found out he has psychic powers and large guys with big hammers and shields showed up.

So in this unit Im working on 2 with lightening claws and Sang Priest in termiantor armour and 3 thunder hammers backed up with the libby with the storm shield.

Its a death star unit by all accounts but I figure the army needs its.  Interestingly along with a Furioso Libby It gives me 2 close combat hard hitters who also have some ranged anti tank power (Blood Lance).

So the game:
Lets say I was nervous at 1st given my experience from last week and started my game with the expectation of taking a pounding again.  But terminators proved their worth by eliminating a whole bike squad and the Libby dread while not kicking off gave me confidence. Harley seeded victory after the heavy lads waded in and started to cause mayhem.

So with that in view I bought them some new shields from the Scibor range as well as some pewter power cables from Dragon Forge from the good lads at Realm of Legends.

To be honest the shields while I like the design I'm not impressed at all.  The casting from Scibor is not really great and I am hesitant to buy such a product again. As I said the casting is less than desirable with a large chunk of resin being attached to the top of the shields across the whole width. Plus there is allot of flash showing a poor mold fit.  It took some hacking to get them out and even then I need to grey stuff the top of a shield as it was so brittle that it snapped. 

Ive begun to add purity seals to them and because they don't have a connecting piece for the hand I'm making a green stuff mold for the back of a GW storm shield so they match up nicely.  Ill post pictures probably Tuesday to show how the two pieces work together.

 So after that game I got a chance to fight the Dark Eldar for the 1st time !

Scary Buggers that they are the 1st "Wolf" Company was deployed to take these Xeno's on and teach them a thing or two.

The game started out with me not knowing really what to expect, I was facing 4 raiders of differnt types of kit outs as well some ground troops who had a really nasty anti-tank capability. Sorry next time ill take note of what they are called. Suffice to say though 1st turn was Seized me from and I found out the hard way how dark eldar deal with tanks.

My predator was hit with this weapon that is like a Haywire Grenade with range he rolled to hit which he did (damn high BS) then proceeded to role a 6 and a 6 to send the tank to its maker.

Seeing that happen, I realized my armour was in serious threat unless I dealt some damage quickly and effecitvly to the dark Lance carring raiders and make his low toughness troops walk to my Gun line.

So turns 1, 2 and 3 saw me to use the long fangs the Lasplas Razorbacks and the Assault Cannon Razorback to elimiate all his raiders, cause hos infantry to take and fail pinning tests while George the Unstoppable (my dread) tied up an infantry squad till turn 5.

In the end while people around me went on about the assault power of space wolves my firing line ripped him apart from afar.  I did see how nasty these eldar can be in close combat when the rune-priest and grey hunters drop podded into close range near one of his hq's and that nasty bugger rolled all these attacks then rolled for thier ap and rolled a 2, Pain ensued.

But by then the rest of his army was running or in a smoking ruin so it was a last hurrah so to speak and a warning on what could have done had he got amongst my lines. 

As it stands two wins from two very different games and my confidence in my army for Arcannacon this January was confirmed with the Dark Eldar game. 1st Company will be defending the Chapters Honour in that esteemed competition.

Till Next time.

Cheers  Jon-Paul