Friday, October 29, 2010

None Shall Pass! The black Knight or as I called him George The Unstoppable

Today the old antagonists the Astral Claws and the Arctic Templar's met in battle over the course of a few Beers, some cupcakes chocolate and a cup of Tea. 

We played two scenarios from Arcannacon 2009, the 1st was true lies where you pick two missions and then a bluff mission,  we went the full seven turns and through good luck with the dice, some very specific target selections I was able to come out on top by a fair but not dramatic margin.

I liked the mission and enjoyed the game Harely is always a tough opponent so to score a win against him is always a good win.

The 2nd mission we played was was "Total Recall" where each player picks 3 objectives for their opponent reveals it very quickly then removes all reference to it, needing to make sure they remember where each of their specific objectives where on the table.

This again in my opinion provided another interesting game, which also saw right to George the unstoppable Venerable dreadnaught who kept locked in combat for 5 turns a squad of Khorne Berzerkers  and terminators.

By the end we had a laugh about the similarities of him being the Black Knight, with both arms gone, Legs lost he was still head butting guys in defiance.

The game ended in a draw but it was no biggy Id had a good afternoon of gaming. 

Have to say it was good to have a few games the last week has been a real drag and the chance to enjoy a few games was a real change of pace.