Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An ode to Papa JJ

Well where does one start with a review of a blog, not just a blog but also the man... we start i guess at the beginning...
First the earth cooled, Then the dinosaurs came... 

But in all seriousness lets get to know this man.
Thats Papa JJ on the left! Joe Ortoza on the right. people in the backgound..?

Jason (aka. Papa JJ) was born on March the 6th 1977, Disco was at its height and Saturday night fever was soon to be released. As it happens the very day before this auspicious event, Formula One driver Tom Pryce died after colliding with a track marshal... could Papa JJ be the reincarnated soul of either of these gents? No... Probably not but it’s a nice thought anyway.

So we fast forward, to May 23rd 2009. It was a Saturday night and who knows why (Papa JJ we hope) but Dice Rolla was born. In fact Saturday seems to be a current theme... I digress. It was from this humble beginning that we start to see glimmers of true brilliance emerge with it seems a plethora of hobby updates to come. One hundred and ninety four posts later and we find ourselves at the present.
I would if I could list each and everyone of them for you the reader but let me just say, Papa JJ posts with regularity, he often has something of value to say and some of his posts have been epic to say the least. If we all could write as much or as well as he does the interwebs would be... more wordy, but more... thingyer... brain thing... like a headache with pictures.

Anyway I have chosen a few projects to showcase here to give you an example of why I really do like Dice Rolla, and not just cause I said I would!
First off I would love to mention the Sea Horses of Annihilation! While we have yet to see more of this chapter I love it, further more it has the full approval of my Girlfriend (who loves sea horses) and was the very first post I ever read on this Blog, in fact it was the title that got my attention to Dice Rolla to begin with.
What a cute little fella!

Next off I would like to showcase this WIP of a cityscape Papa JJ has been Building, All I can say is its a real pity an ocean separates us my friend because I would love the chance to romp a few Khorne Zerkers through that battlefield! 
I can see my house from here!

And lastly in a triumvirate of celebration this article really got me, Rogue Trader Ultra Marines, wow. It was rogue trader that first got me into gaming, be that as it may I stopped soon after for a paltry 15 years I still remember seeing them and wanting some of my own. Turns out I did buy some and there they sit unmade to this day... one day... 
Old Skool Glory!

Either way I love it, great way to get the old models back in action!

Even after all of that I have by no means scratched the surface of Dice Rolla, From trips around the U.S to game reports, a few giveaways (how about winning that Copperhead... especially considering it was Dice Rolla that linked me to the construction blog!) to gaming advice and everything in between, If you love the Simpsons check out the Imperial Guard project with a fully painted Mr. Burns (you need to make Canary M Burns to take the rap btw). Also the Killzone team with a distinct Lovecraft style, very nice! 

So there you have it, Papa JJ you have yet to pick your model or what you would like done to it, I hope you realise I actually intend to ship it to you when it’s done... I mean what’s the point of me having it after all!
Oh and a computer called him a nerd, true story!

As Always peeps Good Gaming
Von Drakin