Monday, October 11, 2010

The Interwebs is procrastination...

So I have now completed one subject, done, dusted and hopefully i have passed well... time will tell. I have another big exam to sit on wednesday, an essay to compose and a final physics exam on the 28th... Until then im afraid its study and procrastination. Unfortunately I cant qualify painting as valid procrastination, where as interweb trawling... welll im doing "research" (sure lets call it that) and if I happen to stumble across someone's blog in the meantime (so many good ones to choose from) then that's a casualty of the study process.

Anyways until I get painting again you can amuse your self with this picture of my favourite I can has cheezeburger!

**as an aside, to give myself and all of you something to look forward to, when I do get back to painting, the first person to name the movie this picture parodies will get a special model painted in their honour (in space marine, chaos marine, rogue trader marine, tau, dark eldar, genestealer or ork flavours) in whatever scheme they like, a special expose on their blog of choice and a link to that blog topside in pride of place on my blog!