Monday, October 18, 2010

Life, the Universe and Everything.

"In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move"
Douglas Adams.

So this is how im planning to open on my Astro-physics essay im currently writing, lets hope the lecturer has a sense of humour... :D With all jest aside im knee deep in cosmology and its serious business. I mean these people tell it like it is, with absolutely no humour at all. For example here is an exert on what im currently reading... 

"The direct detection of WIMPs relies mainly on measuring the nuclear recoil of nucleons impacted by a WIMP in the lab"  (Meszaros, 2010, p. 183)

First it was Uranus, Now Wimps and Machos. Everything has to do with Pie or something (ive yet to see an actual pastry of any sort) and here they are, expecting me to take them seriously.

Picture taken by the Hubble space telescope... of freakin Sauron!!
So in Hobby news my Girlfriend bought the "Honoured Imperium" terrain set for herself because she liked the statue, so her first purchase for herself... well in the spirit of that momentous purchase I have made an exception to my no models till my essay is done and should have the statue all purdy looking in a day or two!

I have also acquired a forgeworld Lufgt Huron (not really sure what im going to do with him yet) and a dirt cheap Canis Wolfborne. So in introspection my list of models requiring painting grows every day... in fact here is a quick rundown;

Skaven: 70 Clanrats, 70 Slaves, 4 weapon teams, 2 warlock engineers, Battle Standard Bearer, Warlord, 4 Rat Ogres, 2 packmasters (with many more to come as I buy them)
(this skaven force btw is going to be something special, and will require it seems massive amounts of custom made parts... wow...)

The Forsaken: 4 honour guard, Termi Librarian, 20 assault marines, 8 bikes (including attack bike), Furiso Dread, Librarian Dread

Daemon Prince (Astral Wolves)
Chaos Lord on demonic mount (Astral Wolves using Canis)
Forgeworld Ork Warboss Biker (one off show piece)
Forgeworld Lufgt Huron (Forsaken Termy lord perhaps?)
Custom built Ork Easy rider (one off show piece)
and a yet to be decided model for Papa JJ (This has priority)

As I sit here I know I'm missing something, oh there's a Flames of War Fallschirmjager Kompanie sitting there looking at me but they have waited this long and I never play the system much either. Also I have apparently been drafted to assemble 8 drop pods for JP (Ulhfen Templars) for his new BA army... little does he know im imbuing them with Voodoo magic to make them scatter wildly every time he plays me with them MWAHAHAHHAHA... oh wait he reads this... I kid... yes *shifty eyes*

So there you have, its a big task I have set before me but as of the 28th I have time, lots of time. look out btw in the next few days I shall be breaking out a sterling review of Dice Rolla as promised, and I have to say I would never have back read someone else's blog to such detail had I not promised Papa JJ the honour. I'm glad I did however! It isn't something I would recommend to everyone but every now and then find a blog you like wind it back a year or two and sit for spell reading, the transitions will amaze you even if its a blog you read on a daily basis.

Until then Good Gaming!

Von Drakin