Friday, February 11, 2011

Honor Guard Finished and WIP of Compay Master and Terminator Squad

So its been a slow start to 2011.

That being said though Im now registered for Melbourne In Flames, one of Victoria's premier tournments so I have to get my skates on and get this new army painted.

So with that in mind ive got on and finished the honour Guard unit and begun in earnest the Reclusiarch and terminator sqauds.

Additionally Im looking at a revamp of the blog of sorts so that It incorporates all aspects of the hobby.  Some may be aware before 40k I was very much an historical gamers and the itch to paint something historical is growing. Just haven't chosen what just yet.  Toying with either French Revolutionary Russians, or English Civil War Royalists.  

Ill post up something soon anyway .

Anyway to the pictures here is the finished squad and some WIP's of the terminators etc..