Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stormraven WIP and Terminators WIP

Been a few days but in that time the Stormraven kit arrived from the UK- Thank you Maelstrom Games!

Ive also got on with the business of painting the terminators which are now near completion, March will see allot of painting to be completed for the April competition.

With inspiration from other people on the Blogspehere on tackling the Stormraven i decided to move some of the weapon mounts around to make them more in my mind how they should be mounted on a gunship!

So with that in mind the 1st move was to reposition the top turret gun and move it to the under carriage of the gunship, to do this I inserted a copula and then mounted Landspeeder assault cannons from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue.  This for me already made more sense as a gunship would not dip so dramatically to allow the weapon fire on ground targets.

The next step was the mounting of the hurricane bolters. This to me made more sense to mount them on the wings- similar to most attack helicopters out there. So after some thought i took hurricane bolters from the land raider crusader kit- (i've ordered some of the side shielding you get with this kit as well to complete the weapon mounting as well).

This allows me to add some forgeworld rhino doors when they arrive.

Overall this to me makes the profile allot more aerodynamic and more gunship looking than the original model.

On the painting front here are the WIP shots of the terminators that I hope to aim to have finished by next week, with then moving onto the troop choices.

So Ill hope to have more up in the coming days with the above squad finished and shots of the assault sqauds and scouts mid through being painted.