Monday, February 28, 2011

Forsaken again!

Well its been a busy few days, with a whirlwind trip to Sydney and Uni starting back for the year, yet amongst all that I seem to still find time to get a little hobby in!
My Bird of Prey!

Now some of you read my friends blog "The Arctic Templars" and having done so may have noticed his new Stormraven on the site, For those who haven't here's a pic!
JP's Stormraven, note the Assult cannon and Hurricane Bolter are both relocated

Now both Jon-Paul and I have been reviewing the look of this new model for some time now, with both of us agreeing a long time back that while it was initially hideous it also grows on you... much like a boil or tumor grows on you, or even for a select few other things....

Jp's Stormraven ; Assault cannon
So our sentiments lay with moving the turret from the top of the Stormraven to below and giving it a more streamline look. As pictured above you can see JP has done so and well, while at the same time I have been creating my own bird of prey!

As you can see I have also adopted the under slung assault cannons, I did however keep the original Hurricane Bolters that come with the kit. I have magenitised the weapon mounts bar the bloodstrike missles and multimelta as I figure both of them to be standard loadout on my vehicle!
This mount allows the guns to track both horizontally and vertically!
I seem to be running out of magnets... time to order some more...YAY!

There are of course a few minor adjustments all over the craft and kudos to those who can spot them!
Now to paint the bugger... sigh

As always Good Gaming,

Von Drakin