Monday, February 21, 2011


Well im guessing most of you have heard by now that From the Warp is going into hibernation, What has been a conduit of 40k news and information will be no more.

We are the poorer for it this day. Goodbye and Good luck Ron!

In other news my actual post for this day was going to be about the ever growing "Counts as" armys out there and why Codex; Chaos Space Marines is losing its place in my heart.

A lot of you out there will have played against CSM, but how many times in recent history have you played the actual codex? Oh its still there, Hell I've been using it non stop but with the new leaked Grey Knights codex it becomes apparent to me that my legion can no longer compete!

Now I have been playing an army that could really have been a Space Wolf codex army for some time now, but unlike a million fanboiz I just cant feel the love for chaos. Im fielding an ex Space wolf list with a chaos codex but no im seriously thinking of switching to the Blood Angels codex for my everyday chaos needs! Blood angels you say?

To put it simply My main focus has always been Khorne, Nothing to me says Berzerker like Death Company, And while to run a berzerker force with the BA dex you would need astorath the grim (he just screams baddy) and you cant score objectives doesnt that sound right? Imagine if you will your a blood frenzied scary mofo with a huge chip on your shoulder, Would you care about some objective when there are soft squishy blood filled fun times over yonder? would you be able to stand there wiping the froth from your mouth thinking "its safer here in cover" and lets be honest would you care if someone poured lemon juice on that papercut you have?

So for less points per model, with actual weapon upgrades you get to run Berzerkers who still have WS5, Furious charge but now have feel no pain and the black rage?

But its not just Khorne that gets the boost from switching Codex, you could play almost every Traitor Legion with the BA dex, if not the Space Wolf dex or even the Vanilla marine dex. Why you could play a lost and the damned force with either sisters of battle or Imperial guard, and lets go Tzeentch with Grey knights.

So why oh why do we play with the Chaos dex, until the release Traitor Legion to us again and not this watered down light version we have had to endure for so long.

All these points aside I think there is nothing better in the 40k universe than a well executed counts as army, it shows imagination and creativity... something for which this hobby is meant to be about! However having said that there is nothing worse than playing someone who takes "codex a" because he can min max for a win, or if someone doesnt play wysiwig.

Anyway just some thoughts to leave you with today, Get incensed about it, write something about and play something creative. Win or Lose be bloody creative cause you cant win all the time, Life aint fair and its all about the laughs or some shit :D

As always, Good Gaming.