Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grey Knights Oh My

So here they are, the codex or at least the playtest codex was leaked and from what I can see there is allot of cool stuff but in keeping with the idea you work with limited numbers. 
So with that in mind I began to think of a type of army I would like to run. 

You read all sorts of stories in the fluff of Thunderhawk Insertions and the like so my mind defiantly leads to storm ravens as a starting point. 

I want terminators in there as well and paladins and a grand master. 

So as a rough idea 

A Grand Master with a Warding Stave and Incinerator and being a level 2 Psycher 

He comes with a retinue of 3 Paladins with 3 warding staves as well. 


Terminators x 5  

2 ward staves 
2 Falchions
1 Incinerator 

GreyKnight Strike Sqaud x 10 
Personal Teleporters
2 x Pyscannons 
2 x Falchions 
4 x Halberds ( rumour is they add +1 Initiative)

Heavy Support 

Stormraven 1 

with Hurricane Bolters

Stormraven 2


Roughly the plan being GM and Paladins in one Stormraven and the Terminators  in the other, the strike squad combat squad giving me 3 potentially 4 scoring units and possibly some with scout and some with couter attack thank the GM. 

Its a small strike force for roughly 1500 points and may or may not be competitive.  Could drop the paladins for a dread-knight but as a starting point. 

Additionally could drop some upgrades to kit out the vehicles. who knows. 

All I know this codex is on the must buy list and will be the 3rd army I work on later this year for sure. 

Already have color schemes of black and gold working through my head with a deep red for robes and the like.

So what do people think?  Is this going to be the new sky is falling in army?  will Grey Knights break the game like allot of people saying, or will a codex that was not very good (Demonhunters) actually now be a viable competative list with lots of room for good fluff?

Look forward to your thoughts

Anyway should have some WIP's up on the current project later this week.