Friday, February 18, 2011

Forsaken update, questions and a rant

So its been a while, only the 1 post since my triumphed return from Japan and no real hobby incased within. So let me just start this whole post off with an apology!

Im sorry.

Right well you can take that prior statement anyway you want, with sugar and milk for all I care :) Lets get on with it!

So first off the bat is my work in progress new army "The Forsaken" and there has been a little movement on that front. The whole 1500 point army barring the Storm Raven (which is in the mail as we speak) has been assembled and undercoated.I took the time aside from everything else the other night however to work on the dreadnought, who is at 85% complete now.

Thats my take on the frag cannon! Yes I hand made it from Green stuff, cotton swab tubes and the unfortunate Las Cannon.
As you can see I have done free hand flames on his front panels as well as the soon to be dreaded checker (more on this in a minute). All told im happy with how this model has turned out considering I have yet to do major Highlighting, Weathering or complete basing (flock and the like).
Both assault squads have been base coated in the unit colours and as you can see here 2 of the lucky blighters are at 75% complete. As mentioned earlier... the dreaded checker. Every sword and model will have checks on it in some fashion as a theme of the army. That being Ex Lamenters. While its in its rough draft form on this chain sword the Dread has the finished product!

The Sanguinary Guard and Dante have been assembled (sans jump packs for ease of painting), as to how im going to paint them... I have no idea yet, I would like to keep my quarter theme constant if I can and avoid the dip in gold paint look but also would like to give them the "royal" treatment. Ideas welcome at this juncture!
The whole lot of them.

So we move on to stage two of this post, Question time!

I put it to you the 40k community this question,

"If two enemy units are ensconced in the same piece of area terrain (eg. a building) that grants a 4+ cover save and both units have clear line of sight to one another would they be granted a cover save from low AP weapons such as plasma rifles."

Now we can assume two examples in this case, in both cases lets assume that the area terrain is of a large size.
1. Both units are at opposite edges of the terrain piece with no less that 6" of space between the closest model
2. Both units are close to one another in the terrain peice with no more than 2" of space between the closest models.

Would either unit be granted a cover save? I can see arguments for and against on this point, however can think of no direct reference to deal with it (if anyone does no case and point please comment it up!)

Now thats done lets rant!

"Not only am I not learning but im forgetting things I used to know!"

As a full time Uni student who works only part time you would think I have all the time in the world. Oh how much would you get done with 4 months off from the day to day grind (still working 2 days a week) Yet if anything I get more done during the Uni year, when time is at a premium. Why do I have to treasure my time when I have so very little of it!

Needless to say I am looking forward to Uni starting back in the next 2 weeks!

As always Good Gaming!

Von Drakin