Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Some Darks Action on the table and some playtesting of Dux

I got home this evening from work and put some models on the table and worked through a game of Dux and then a game with Dux and some amendments im working on for a larger battle.

Have to say I like the combat mechanics allot and the fate cards add allot to the game.  What I still don't like is the card activation so I think the Chain of Command activation would work allot better and im still mulling over some ideas on how to make it work well with the fate cards as well.

Im hoping to get a few people to playtest it for me over the coming weeks.

A Jarl Looks on as his men get stuck in !

 What I am really stoked about is that the terrain collection is coming together and I'm able to mess around with some nice table and painted figures at home !   Got to say its a good feeling and whats more I just saw the kick-starter from Secret Weapon Miniatures Just look at how awesome these tiles look !

And Ill have 16 of these tiles soon to paint up and play over .........super excited!