Monday, February 24, 2014

Vikings Part 7 - WIP units, Tree's and Dux Britannium thoughts

This update we have some more Vikings painted as starter. 

Bondi which means I continue to move closer to completing the viking army - which in a way is good as I begin my masters degree next week and thus painting will slow down as it begins to compete with work family and study.  It also means that the Saxon army is looming in the distance and I have begun to think about the approach I will take but I now envisage that by the end of the year I will have something tangible to fight the vikings.

I have also been working on some trees to add some variation to my table and to begin to build up the moveable elements ill need to keep the games interesting and varied, I want to add some tilled fields but I want to research what such a field and enclosure would look like for this period and that it is also somewhat built with some relative scale. 

Also and not to be to slack I also picked up two more Gripping Beast Dark age's buildings and have those in the pre paint stage - bit of work this weekend to get some of this painted up - but the tree's will have to wait completion as I await some more self adhesive flock from Tajima.

In amongst all this I picked up a copy of Dux Britannium being so impressed with Chain of Command.  The interesting thing is that based on publication dates Chain of Command follows on with the combat system from Dux - the only variation is the card activation and the use of what I would call ability cards (Fate Cards). 

I have not played a game yet but I have read through the design notes Player Notes   on their blog and then the rules 3 times now and I am not sure about the card activation system and prefer the COC activation and order mechanic more, but I will aim to have a few games before I finally pass judgement.

What I have been thinking about though is a hybrid of the two systems taking the command mechanisims of CoC and melding it with Dux with a few other changes...... more on this in another update.