Monday, February 17, 2014

A Hut to call my own !

So as a small break for the focus on painting up the hordes of models for my Dark Ages project I wanted to make a start on my terrain for the period.

The kickstater I signed up for all the way back in may last year is nearing delivery in april and so I want to be able to add the bling and build up the relevant items such as field enclosures, houses, roads, trees and scrub.

Next up will be some plowed fields and I thinking about a veggie patch of something - then a few more huts etc.   I also want to  make a few larger wooded sections so lots to work on!

Recently on my trip to Cancon I picked up the 1st piece of the puzzle the roads, and I have begun to work through painting those up- and I also learned  that War and Peace Games  sell the gripping beast resin houses and I decided to order two to build up a small compound.

With roads and Tree's

From Behind
These are great buildings-  single cast with good detail - I still want to get a few Grand Manner buildings but as a starting point I really like these and to be honest are better for money than the 4Ground Buildings from a style and texture point of view.

The fence was from Rendera and if you can see it the the tree stumps are from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

I'm very close to having 3 divisions of Vikings and then its onto the Saxon's and I'm very excited and nearing a point where I can put a full game on - I think if I really focus on this I should be in that position at the end of the year...... key here is staying focused right?..... hmm