Sunday, February 16, 2014

A really late Cancon wrap up

Cancon has come and gone and Im back at work......

So having to insert oneself back into the rhythm of things after 7 weeks off, I really haven't looked to do a blog post, but we are now back on track.

First off Cancon was a blast, this year as i mentioned the plan was to participate not in tournament but in a participation game for Moderns, and I had the best time ever with a great bunch of gamers who appreciate the hobby and have lots of fun doing it!

In the wrap up my Americans came out top dog! here area few images of the event:

  There are a host of other pictures here as well : berwick wargames association imagi nations african campaign

I also got a few shots of other games that where taking place in the hall.

I think this was some LOTR action

Frontier Wars-  Colonials vs American Indians

7 Years war action

Napoleonic Warfare

Martians V Humans

Participation Game for the Skirmish Game Ronin

Bolt Action Madness


Sooo Many Gamers Playing Soooo Many games

Shopping madness - i bought allot of stuff



  Not only was it an amazing 3 days of gaming but I also bought a heap of stuff, namely some Ronin Warbands,  a bunch of WW2 Germans and some tanks,  some board games and a bunch of terrain stuff which ill be sharing in pictures soon!

All in all it was a great 3 days and I strongly recommend that if your in OZ  and can make it- it is well worth the visit.