Friday, March 29, 2013

On making thematic bases

So a short while ago I crafted a custom flyer base for my first Storm Talon, It has taken me until now however to actually do something with it and while it is still wip I feel it has come far enough to warrant a little post about it!

So whats left to be done? Weathering is a big one, lots of dirt to be applied to the base features and soot to the Storm Talon. But before that can happen I have plans to add some well spaced flock on the base to break up the brown/grey it currently features, some more water effects in some of the bomb holes and various bit and pieces.

 Now a word to the wise regarding sculpting and water effects... Seal that shit in with the hardest stuff you got! I found out the hard way that the clay I had used to sculpt the brickwork in the canal while sealed with enamel primer, painted and all the works still soaked up the water like a sponge! It took 3 pours of the stuff just to get it to a shallow depth and another 2 after that to get it to the depth of 2mm that it currently is!

And for those of you who clicked the post for the guardsman (who is now an honorary 10th company scout called Stallone (or 'Lone as his shoulder pad says) enjoy the following photo gallery.

Yes, that's hand painted urban digital camo,

 No I wont do it for you,

Looks awesome though huh!
One last thing that these photos helped me notice... the bloody boots arnt finished, lol.

Have a good one,

Von Drakin