Monday, March 4, 2013

Viking update - FLAGS!

So this weekend the wife got me out to furniture stores as we worked on updateing the lounge and dinning chairs- exhausting work but worthwhile and I'm looking forward a refresh after looking at the same stuff for the past decade.

That being said I was able to prep another 15 models and begin work also on the command models- Ive also been researching and trying decide where I want source the bulk of the models for the project for both the saxon forces and the viking forces. I'm not overly happy with the entire gripping beast range- there is some hit and miss and I feel that the latter sculpts are nice- Joms vikings, Russ etc, but the earlier sculpts are dated and i think possibly by another person.

Right now Ive ordered some perry minature 1st crusade westerners- they say on thier site the models are suitable for 1066- and im wondering if I can take that back a few more decades. Time will tell and Ill have some pictures of models soon enough. 

Im thinking that my meglomania may see me work to building collections to reflect the battle of Brunanburgh. Its definatly a long project and Im building it up more than likely to be used either with hail ceaser or war and conquest. Either way lots of models for sure. 

Thankfully the Hail Ceaser book has a good article on it as well as nominative order of battle- so ill have some information in another post in the future.

Anyway the 1st two viking units are forming nicely and the flags start to give them a little more sense of a unit now. 

Ive taken the step to place the LBM flags on painted cloth- now that's not what the guide says but after some experiments Ive found it give the flag a nice texture and the transparent parts show through a nice cloth pattern, giving it more a sense of cloth.

Im really happy with the outcome and look forward to a whole host of banners adorning my Saxons, Vikings and Scots.