Monday, April 1, 2013

Project Plans for the rest of 2013

Ive hit a bit of a dull patch with my painting-  waiting on orders to come in see's me looking at what I want to achieve this year.

Ive broken it down to 3 key objectives before November this year.

1 :  Space Wolf 13th company -  Upgrade and detail completion
2 :  Dark Age Project  Vikings and Saxons
3 :  Fantasy High Elves 

I know that this year I have mentioned I want to get back into historical gaming, but after some recent games of 40k I realized that I will need to upgrade and add some units to the space wolves to see them continue to be competitive in the current meta.  So in the interest of committing to a plan and then to make it work I'm sharing what I plan to work on and blog over the coming year.

Space Wolf Upgrade and details completion.

So flyers if you can't beat them then join them, but rather than join them in a small way i figure go big or go home so its guard that get the treatment. Two vendetta's to be exact,  and these will carry a command squad and veteran squad.   So that would normally cost approx $300 Aud if I was going to buy direct from GW -  insane right?   well Ill be damned if ill pay that much I've assessed the cost of  it and I figure I should be able to do this part at approx $150 Aud - that right GW you cant stop me from not paying a stupid amount of money!!!! Anyway this not going to be a long rant about GW pricing- Ive found that with the right amount of research and patience i can beat their stupid Australian pricing policy.

Anyway this will give me the competent anti-flyer component plus some additional punch as well.

I have also been shown some inspiration on what I may want the IG contingent to look like:

So watch this space:)

The next step will be to work through each squad and add weathering, combat scarring and blood and gore, things I wanted to do to them before Cancon but didn't have the time to complete.  All the banners need completing as well -  not all them have been brought up to scratch.

So that's one plan for this year.

Dark Age Project

You have all see what I'm planning there suffice to say though I am hopefully about to take ownership of two war-games foundry armies (unpainted) of vikings and Saxons.  I have come to the conclusion that one of the key things that motivates me to paint is that I'm using the collection- so I paint more to get the collection completed and thus play more to keep me going. 

So the plan here is to first get both collections cleaned up and on their bases all 300 models :) get the units onto their regiment movement trays and magnatise them as well - yeah heard me clean base magnatise and base coat 300 models :)    I feel if I do this two things will happen-  I can start to use the models and learn the rules and ill push myself to paint the collection as well!.   Win win i say

Sooooo much painting ahead of me :)

The other part of the project is to build up relevant terrain and 4ground have just released this!

And trust me I'm getting one of those !

High Elves

I started with much energy last year about the high elves but to be honest I could not find a list I wanted to play-  and now I hear that a new army book is coming out next month (may) so with that im putting these guys back on the agenda - plus these images came out recently:

So Im adding them back to the agenda on the contigency I can build a cavalry army with dragons backing them up :)  time will tell.