Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hobby Zone Painting Station

Today the Postman delivered a flat pack from Poland allot quicker than i expected as well!

Recently in an attempt to reorganize the house and provide my wife with a proper space in which to complete her university study I gave up my semi man cave to facilitate this.  Truth be told i spent most of my painting time anyway with most of my stuff spawrled out on the dining table painting and talking with my wife in the evenings.   So in the end the desks and what not didnt get used allot anyway.

Im pretty sure what my wife saw on the dining table as i painted.

Anyway I saw a review on Bols for Hobby Zone's painting station and decided to give that a go.

Here is the review if you are interested: 
Bell of Lost Souls Review of Hobby Zone Paint Station

The store has a range of different options ranging from small stations to a large mega station and I opted for the big on.

Construction was simple it was all together in the space of 30min-  Instructions where simple and all the parts where cut and ready to go.

So after a good clean out and some organizing the table is set up and the result is below, this allows me to move it when we are entertaining , quickly without any major disruption.  And it organizes all the paint and item nicely.  So I cant recommend this enough for those who don't have a permanent place to paint.

Hobby Zone Website

Cheers guys will have more miniature progress soon but this weekend we have the Victorian Inter-club challenge and Ill be representing Hampton Games Club in 40k and two of my armies will be featuring in the event :)