Saturday, March 16, 2013

Much ado about nothing

So lately I have done very little hobby, that is too say done nothing at all.

I didn't get the lighting right for this shot so the green doesn't have the right lustre
That is until recently, when I saw a picture on the white dwarf daily feed (yes I read it from time to time) of a wonderful Disciples of Caliban paint scheme (original post here) on some Dark Vengeance terminators which gripped me, Needless to say that I have started to replicate the work and now have my own Terminators to a table top equivalent, The plan is of course to bring them up to the same level of detail as the ones featured in the original picture but for now just putting paint to figure is enough.

Original artwork by Štěpán Smejkal

Thats all for now, I shall endeavour to update as more work goes on, but for me I'm glad to be back into the hobby!