Monday, March 11, 2013

Dark Ages WIP: 4ground Building

Recently I bought a laser cut model kit by the company 4Ground -  I have to get some buildings Tree's and what not eventually and Ive seen these models kicking around and figured Id give them a try.

Ive got to say for $32 I'm really impressed with the kit- its well packaged- instructions are really clear and the further more its pre-painted to a basic level.

 It took a few minutes to construct - little to no fixing of the parts - you have to wait for 24hours as the fur dries to the roof before you add a wood glue and water mix to get a mated thatch look. But in the end at a basic level you get a ready to go building.  Totally worth it-  match this with the Gale Force 9 Battlefield in a box and the range of quality and quick to construct terrain continues to grow.

In Aus you get most of the range from War and Peace Games  and of course for thier full range go here 4ground

These would of course be great for Warhammer as well-  and realistically cheap for what you get.