Thursday, February 16, 2012

Purifer Unit Updated

So yesterday I mentioned I was hoping to see the Armorcast bits arrive so I can move the progress along with the army upgrade.

Well I checked the post box today and there they where!

So that pushed the motivation along a bit this evening.  Having already finished the swords for the purifier unit and thinking a good way to keep momentum going would be to being one unit closer to completion.

So I went to work and got the muzzle flashes and flame effect.  The parts are metal which is a shame I thought they where resin but aside from that well cast, little to no flash and easy to attach.

I decided to also go for a blue theme as seen in my source material to keep the complementary color scheme.

Also I added some elements to the cloaks to give the unit distinction- and finally the back banner on the Knight of the flame- Im waiting on the decal sets from Forgeworld to finish it but decided to finish the main scheme and mount it on the backpack as well.

So I wasn't expecting to do another update this week but there you have it-  I start work on the Interceptor squad tomorrow night working on the sword effects and muzzle flash's, maybe the Forgeworld decals will arrive next week!