Sunday, April 1, 2012

So.... about all those posts I promised !

So earlier this year I started with full of promise to post on a regular basis, then stuff happened....... namely work,  or the more precisely work screwing me over, thankfully most of that is now passed, one hopes that it all settled down down and I can get back to working on this blog a little more consistently.

That aside I have been working on the upgrade to the grey knights as well continuing to play the buggers and practice with them.

Recently I was called up to support my club in the Victorian Inter club Challenge for our 40k team. 

1500 points 2 days 3 single games and 2 doubles games.

Suffice to say we had a great 2 days and took the 40k title, and the club came 2nd overall from the combination of the other events.

In between that Ive completed the terminators save improving the weathering.  Built and painted another contemptor this time a relic one (i love this model and want another one) made a brotherhood banner as well as added some extra elements such as muzzle flashes and streams of ejected shells from the models that are simulated firing.

Not to mentioned added decals and back banners to Justicars.

I have another strike squad nearly completed and I did some upgrade work on my Grand master which ill post up soon.

Cheers JP