Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taking the army to the next step

Wanted to put an update on the Grey Knight army progress today.

The saying goes that good things come to those that wait, and in truth that is where I am right now.

Since Arcanacon, I have been looking back on the Grey Knights Ive painted so far. The Terminators the interceptors and the purifiers etc.

One thing I noticed was that in essence in a plan to get the models painted for the event I haven't applied the level of attention as much as I wanted.  Such elements as back banners-  markings on the armor - weathering etc.

So I set about planning and purchasing the items that I want to make the army really a culmination of all i have learned thus far.   The army will be the focus for the next 2 years at least from a 40k perspective.   As such I'm now working on upping the detail on the bases- adding weathering detail on the armor and when the tamyia masking tap arrives completing the blade work on the nemesis weapons.

So that's what I can do now.  But I want more elements for this army so I have ordered from armorcast I have some Cinematic effects small twin muzzle flash's as well as larger ones for the auto cannons as well as flame gouts.

I was inspired to do these seeing images by  he shows a really great use of the cinematic effects and I hope to bring that little extra bit of detail to the models.

Aside from that I want to also use the skills I have learned  in using decals so I have also ordered some forgeworld Black Templar transfer sheet as well as 2 of the siege of Vraks sheets.

each have elements I want to use. The Black Templar's one has really nice decals of written text that I'm looking to apply on calfs of the marine armor or on the banners Ive begun pulling together.

So this means though that Im on a holding pattern in principle.  I do have a Techmarine to paint as well as the new strike squad but what it does mean that when all these elements arrive as well as a Relic Contemptor and some more arms from puppets war this army will evolve a little more and come closer to the image i have in my head for how this army should look. 

What I will do though is make sure each squad gets a goodish photo taken so you can see the current state and then ill take shots of the details and elements I look to add so you can see the change and improvement in my opinion.

So as I said good things will come to those that wait.