Monday, February 6, 2012

Weathering the Grey Knights Test

So tonight in my effort to post on a regular occasion as I work on my Grey Knights I sat down to start weathering the models.

I'm working the back story as I go and that's starting to inform the state in which the Armour will be.

These guys haven't just stepped of the strike cruiser. Oh no they are currently marooned on a temple world fighting off hordes of daemons and renegade space marines.

As such I'm setting about adding that worn look to the marines-  cloaks and tabards will also get the treatment.

so the weathering powders I'm using a a mix of the Forgeworld powders and the secret weapon powders.

The metallic iron i particularly like as working that into the armor gives the plates a dull metal look which when combined with metallic highlights really makes the grey knight looks like they are wearing unpainted unpolished cermite.

This is the tester i did on the terminator tonight and I think this is a good result using the vallejo plata silver 72052 as a highlight mixed a little with the metallic iron. 

So far so good. Interested in thoughts. Doubt its going to get a nod from tournament painting judge but I'm thinking it really gives a sense of wear and tear.

Cheers  JP