Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vikings WIP and Painting models in smaller batch's ! And Cancon test Game

Recently rather than batch painting and destroying my soul in the process by painting 100 bits of leather etc- Ive taken to working on two models at a time and found I get them done in an evening or two at a stretch.

I have to say its been allot more enjoyable and I feel a greater sense of accomplishment as I look at the completed models as i paint the next two lad.

In  nights Ive got 6 figures done and defiantly feel baring to many interruptions could punch out 24 figures each 2-3 weeks.

There are times when painting feels like this.

So after 3 days I now have the next 6 vikings for the 3rd warlord and his followers- 

There are two guys off to the side waiting for their bases to be done so that makes it six.

I would recommend this if your six of the batch painting process as I defiantly feel I'm making the same amount of progress but seeing an end product in the individual miniatures sooner.

Also this evening completed a few games of Moderns Chain of Command in preparation for Cancon- Will do a full report when I'm back with heaps of photo's I promise!